Water Bottle Obsession

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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I, by no means, consider myself an environmentally friendly person. Yes, I occasionally forget to bring bags to the store, run the water when I brush my teeth, or drive when I can walk. However, I cannot stand plastic bottle waste. Yes, you can recycle them, but frankly, I avoid them at all costs. I first took an interest in plastic bottle waste my freshman year of college, and consciously now have to stop by self from buying myself every cute bottle I see. Here are my current obsessions;

1. BKR www.mybkr.com $30

Besides the fact that this bottle is available in the cutest (and trendiest) colors, it fits absolutely perfect in my work bag and in my cup holder. I love that the bottle is glass doesn't leak, has small mouth which limits face splashes when driving, and can we revisit the cute colors? Additionally, a portion of proceeds benefit the Obakki and Canary Foundations!

2. S'well www.swellbottle.com $35

Love this textile pattern and the fact that this baby is insulated! I have to say, nothing is better than having cool water with you at all times and without the condensation. This bottle can be bought in 9oz, 17oz, and 24oz (which is enough to hold a bottle of wine!). A portion of the proceeds from this bottle sold will go back towards WaterAid!

3. Lifefactory www.lifefactory.com $22.99

Great water bottle, fun colors, and despite earlier comments, the wide mouth makes this bottle perfect for ice cubes, infusing water with fruit, and storing smoothies. I find this bottle the easiest to clean, as sometimes those last remaining chia seeds stick to the sides after my morning smoothie. 

Whats your favorite water bottle?