Beauty Basics

Thursday, August 14, 2014

1. Jack Black - MP10 Nourishing Oil- I use this day and night, makes my skin feel amazing without the feeling of oily residue. This oil has reduced my acne, softened any expression lines and make my skin glow - yes it's meant for a man but I love it.

2. Benefit - It's Potent! - amazing eye cream to use before bed.
3. Burt's Bees (sold basically everywhere!) - I currently own at least 5, they are scattered everywhere. Car, purse, beside table, desk, random jacket pocket. Seriously, can't live without this product. 
4. Coola - SPF 30 Cucumber Face Moisturizer - Part of my morning routine includes a moisturizer sunblock. Out of all of the products I have tried, this is my favorite. Does not feel greasy, doesn't turn my skin white, smells like cucumbers and has 30spf!!
5. Clinque - Acne Solution Clarifying Lotion - This is step two in my morning and nightly ritual, right after washing my face. 

What Beauty Basics can you not live without?

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