Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This past Sunday my friend, Carleigh and I drove north to Kendall Jackson to support our friend Allie as she finished her first half marathon. Carleigh and I decided to venture even farther north to Healdsburg where we spent the day brunching, wine tasting, and stocking up on baked goods.

On a side note, my father is a self-proclaimed bread enthusiast. Tell him any city in the Mid to Northern California and he can tell  you where the best baguette or loaf of bread can be purchased and quickly consumed (within 30 miles). He has many times told about the best baguette he has ever had at this place called The Shed; I honestly couldn't go to Healdsburg without bringing my dad back a baguette.

First stop in Healdsburg was of course, The Shed. The Shed is more of a modern shed looking building with a metal overhang frame that is lined with windows along the side. The store front is as well floor to ceiling windows with a roll up door for quick access from your picnic table to the coffee bar. One of my favorite touches is the door which is adorned with a shovel and spading fork. See below for my recommendations for either a weekend trip to Healdsburg or even a spur of the moment adventure!


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