Sunday Reflections

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Night - lounging on my couch, catching up on old episodes of I Love Lucy, I realized my weekend is coming to a close and I didn't check anything off my to do list. Laundry separated in piles on the floor (the standard first stage to do my laundry but alas no quarters so it must wait), my bathroom has remnants of last weeks make up sprinkled on the sink waiting to be swept away, and dishes are still in the sink still "soaking". As I begin to dread the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I start to think... Instead of dreading tomorrow, what am I grateful for?

Pre-Monday Gratitude
I am grateful for the fact that I even have a job to go to.
I am grateful for the new sunflowers that adorn my kitchen table (Something to replace my sad and wilting Mums!).
I am grateful for my funny coworkers.
My I Love Lucy 365 days Calendar (every new day is a funny picture, makes things exciting!)
I get to see Justin Timberlake TOMORROW!

I feel a little better about the weekend being over, now excuse me while I try and find something clean to wear tomorrow. Does anyone else write or say daily gratitude's?


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