Work Related Stress Reflection

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A little background on my job, I work for a general engineering contractor that specializes in underground utilities. Sounds boring and probably not a place where you would expect me to work. Honestly, boring is quite the opposite to how work actually is. There is something about those excavators, loaders, pneumatic rollers that just gets my blood racing. The fast paced environment is both thrilling and tense, some days I am able to roll with it and other days it just beats me up.

I am sure I am not the only one when I say that I take things at work too personally. It maybe be my young naive age, my generation or maybe its just who I am but I often get to a point where if I have a bad day I want to cry and quit to "show them". This begs me to reflect on why I have these thoughts to jump ship so fast when things aren't making me 110% happy. I can't help but feel that I take things personally because work is my life right now (single w/ no kids); or that I expect that my job owes it to me to make me happy 24/7. Who knows... I'll keep reflecting.

In order to prevent the buildup of tension and stress I've found a few releases.
1. Laughing  - seeing funny pictures or listening to comedians on Pandora helps
2. Pictures of Kittens or baby animals - I'm not "kitten" you, it instantly puts me at ease
3. Taking a short walk - get my "steps" in and a change of scenery for a few minutes
4. Crying - no joke this helps a lot. Try not to do it AT work, run off to your car and call your mom for sympathy

How do you stay stress-free at work? 

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