Daytime Travels to Point Reyes Station, CA

Monday, October 27, 2014

My boyfriend and I were in North Marin one weekend when our previous engagement ended early; it was one heck of a trek to get here and we decided we needed to make the trip worth it. After a turning down my multiple requests to go wine tasting we decided to drive to the Lagunita's Brewery and go beer tasting. Unbeknownst to me, I happened to get us lost, like really lost. We opted to get some local fair at the closest town.

After a half hour of driving we ended in Point Reyes Station. Our first stop was to get him a beer (to cope with my bad sense of direction) at the local, oldest, and only bar; The Old Western Saloon. (Other places in PRS serve alcohol, but they also serve food; so to me, it doesn't qualify as a "bar".)

Front door, hasn't changed for years.

 This bar was full of characters, relics of rowdy nights, and pieces of history. Did you know (probably not, why would you?) that Prince Charles came to this pub with Camilla? I like to think we sat in the same seat, but I tend to be delusional. Check out this old register! When stopping here, chat with the bartender for some old history about the bar and the area. Don't forget to order a local IPA!

Our next stop was an absolute mandatory and frankly a staple in my house; Cowgirl Creamery.

Holy smokes this cheese is amazing! Go up to the cheese counter and ask for samples (there is no limit, but you may need to take a number and wait). They have all sorts of cheeses ranging from goat to cow, from hard to soft, from stinky to not stinky. Whatever your preferences are, they have it! My favorite is Mt. Tam but Red Hawk comes in at a close second. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
I'd like to take all of these home, please!

Point Reyes is a great place to bring the family and spend the day. Fun activities, fun places to see and great history. You can even head over to the light house! It's a little bit of a hike but the view is worth it. We didn't go this time but I have gone in the past with my family. You'll love it! Find all the information about visiting here!


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