Maple Water - The New Coconut Water?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I just recently hopped upon the coconut water train after a few previous experiences temporarily scarred me. Now with the fad is in full force in my fridge, my ears perked up when I heard about maple water. As you may know, I am a sugar addict and I am not biased when it comes to what type of sugar item I am being offered - I will accept them all. The thought of maple water doesn't sound appealing to me. Maple syrup? Yeah, I am guilty of pouring some onto a spoon when I have a  a sugar craving. I also will eat a spoonful of sugar, but that's a side note and yes I know, I have issues.

After researching Maple Water this is what I found out, when you tap a maple tree, maple syrup does not come out. I feel pretty stupid because I expected to one day go to Vermont and open my mouth under a spile of insanely fresh maple syrup and thoroughly enjoy myself. Turns out that dream is now crushed.  What actually comes out looks a lot like water but is actually a more thinner/liquid sap. In order to change the thin liquid sap to the delicious pancake topper, one must boil down the properties to remove the excess water concentrating it into a syrup. 

How does the water and the sap get mixed together and why doesn't this happen to other trees? The tree harvests its water from the ground and brings it up. All trees produce sap and that usually occurs when the tree is injured (like when you stick a spile into it) or pruned. However, not all sap is sweet, but some sap can be used for beer!

I really wonder what the health benefits are do drinking diluted maple syrup. People claim that thyroid, bone strength, anti inflammatory, increase absorption of vitamins and magnesium are some of the benefits. Do I really believe them? No. 

I think it's safe to say this fad is just a fad. Until I see other studies showing the benefits of maple water, I'll  continue to drink plain water and coconut water.

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