Nekter Juice Bar's 4th Birthday

Monday, October 27, 2014

I love to celebrate birthdays, the fun, excitement, happiness its all contagious. Today is Nekter Juice Bar's 4th birthday and they are celebrating their birthday with a discounted 1 Day Cleanse! I know a juice cleanse can seem a little daunting but it really isn't that bad. I have already completed Pressed Juicery's Cleanse and it was a breeze! The day after I felt slimmer, healthier, and my skin felt amazing!

The downside to juice cleanses is the affordability factor. I can't justify spending $50 for 1 day's worth of juice; that is 1/3 of my grocery budget for the month! 

I can't tell you how ecstatic I was to see that Nekter is putting their 1 day cleanse on sale for $40! I mean, it's still expensive, but it's more reasonable.

For $40 you get 6 juices, you can either choose the classic cleanse or the advanced cleanse.
The classic is meant to reset your body, remove toxins and curb the sugar cravings, the advanced uses beets to clean the blood and ginger lemonade to remove even more toxins. Your caloric intake does not vary as much between the two cleanses, but you are sure to feel like a new girl the next day!

Still nervous about cleansing? Check out these links;

Head over to Nekter Juice Bar and use code "Nekter4" at checkout to receive the discount. Can't wait to buy mine!

{images c/o Nekter Juice Bar}

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