The Most Important Item in your Home

Friday, October 31, 2014

When I began to stock my house full of what  I thought were essentials, I didn't realize the most important thing I need in my house until one fateful day at the Dry Bar. I was thoroughly enjoying myself; I had sparking limeade in hand, Legally Blonde was on the TV and I was flipping through the pages of Vogue all simultaneously getting my hair blown out to look gorgeous! Then, this girl came out of the bathroom with this panicked look on her face. She stood there awkwardly, blocking the door yet trying to get someones attention. She found the manager and embarrassingly tried to explain the situation in the lowest possible voice but without too many gory details. "The toilet... clogged... I didn't.. It won't flush... overflowing..." The lady politely told her it's fine she'll handle it and the girl sauntered back to her seat, trying not to draw attention to herself.

I thought to myself how I would handle the situation. I came to the conclusion that I would plunge that mother until the situation fixed itself, or I would run far far away. Then I thought, what if I was at someones house, and the toilet was clogged, what would I do. It's very embarrassing to let someone know that you clogged their toilet and you need help. Essentially showing them what you just did in private. Awkward!That's when I realized the most important item you have in your home is a plunger, it will save you and your guests from some quite mortifying moments.

What do you think the most important item in your home is?


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