Urban Hiking in San Francisco

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Over Labor Day Weekend, I was up in San Francisco visiting my friends. I don't get to play tourist that much, or, if at all especially since I grew up on the other side of the Bay Bridge. Prior to this past weekend, I had never been on a SF tour bus, only been to Alcatraz twice (first time was at age 13), have only ventured to Angel Island once, and have never even walked across the Golden Gate. I went through a point where I was sick of San Francisco and just needed to get away. The "hype" was over for me; most likely attributed to the 1:30 round trip commute to SF to just go to high school. Since I have moved back to the Bay Area (a year and a half ago), I definitely do not take the Bay Areas beauty for granted. I can't wait to explore more.

I've spent this past summer going on urban hikes through the city. My friends and I even went on that duck boat tour! It was a little corny but still fun.

Here are some pictures from my urban hikes and some must stops spots if you decide to take your own. I'll be sure to add more to this series so you can continue your exploration!

View of the Bay Bridge from Coit Tower

Coit Tower

The original Irish coffee at The Buena Vista

View along Marina Green 

Old Archway leading to a park

Ferry Building and Coit Tower

Old ship deck where they repair ships


"A Rebel Within"  from Wolves and Craftmans! Best Breakfast Ever!

More Adventures of San Francisco Urban Hiking to Come! Check out my other Bay Area posts!
Let me know if you have other recommendations or requests of cities you'd like to see!

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