Happy Halloween

Sunday, November 2, 2014

{Late Halloween Post}

I didn't get into Halloween too much this year, October kind of blew right past me.

Tonight I plan on laying low with close friends and passing out candy. For dinner I am going to attempt to make spicy chicken tortilla soup. I've never made soup before (I am NO domestic goddess), but I'll be sure to document my attempts on the blog.

As it sit here waiting for my ride to the company party, I begin to think about my favorite memories as a kid. While I was in grammar school, we had a school wide parade, ate candy and other sweets in class, and watched movies. I loved dressing up and going to school. It was such a fun way to embrace Halloween and overindulge on sweets. 

A few more traumatizing Halloween memories involves my mother.
Halloween 1996 - Dressed up as Jasmine with Barney and Baby Bop (my sisters).
Halloween 1997 - Spent, no joke, 4 hours trick-or-treating all around Piedmont with my cousins and uncles. I honestly had 10 pounds of candy. My mom picks me up the next mourning at my aunts house and I run outside with my candy bag. She looks at me and says "Leave it".... I just stop in my tracks. "Leave the candy here." She repeats herself. I don't really remember what happened next except that I didn't get to keep the candy and I learned a lifelong lesson. Whenever you have candy, eat it all, and eat it all really fast before you mom takes it away.
Halloween 1998 - My mom is getting a little more cleaver, she creates the "Halloween Fairy". The said Halloween fairy is supposed to magically trade all my candy for a present. That year I got a soccer  ball... because I played soccer. I thought that this was a bunch of BS and I am not doing this again.
Halloween 1999 - My mom, the CPA, decided this is a good time to learn about money and negotiating. This year my mom bought our candy from us. Trading nickles, dimes, and quarters for our good. I was okay with this because I didn't have to sell it all... just most of it.
Halloween 2000 - I wised up. I didn't want to sell my candy this year but I had to. My mom was and is a  fan of almond joys so I up-ed the ante to buy those, knowing she wouldn't want my smarties, reeses or skittles. 
Halloween 2001 - I was going to be a punk rocker or something to that extent but I think I probably lied to my parents so I was grounded and stayed home. womp womp.
Halloween 2002 - I was a legit punk rocker with a short skirt. I looked good. Well judge for yourself.

I probably should have mentioned that sugar turned me into an extremely hyperactive child (I have ADHD and hella proud), and this is why my mother proceeded to torture me.

This year, I am dressing up as a blind mouse, with two others, creating the group costume of 3 blind mice. This is work appropriate and completely thrown together at the last minute. Tonight I might stick with the same costume, or not costume at all. I can't wait to devour some reeses, sour candy and some old school ones too. I do miss the day of trick or treating but am very excited to see the little ones enjoy themselves.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! 

p.s. Drinking game-  Take a shot/sip etc for ever Frozen costume you see!

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