Why I Stopped Telling my Friends I Loved Them

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It all changed over 3 years ago... I used to end every phone call with "love you bye" then click. I ended up overusing the phase to a point where it had no meaning. Did I care? No. We all did it. (We meaning my friends) Then that one fateful day, I was at work, probably 4 months into my internship. I was at the point where I was feeling really comfortable with the company. I had made friends to eat lunch with, people would come by my cube to chat and laugh. People loved me; I was the young vibrant co-worker who's youthful insight was found to be hilarious. I was loving it.

Then one day, I was on the phone with my Project Executive. He was answering some work question when I made a little joke as we were wrapping up the conversation. He laughed. I laughed. He made some joke and ended his sentence with a rapid "oh... I gotta go". I, still chuckling, said "Oh! Okay! Love you bye" and I hung up. Probably 15 seconds passed by when I realized what I had just done. Mortified, I stood up with my phone in my hand and was frozen. "Do I call him back?", "Do I pretend it didn't happen?". I decided the best thing was to call and explain, to avoid the awkward encounter. So I did. He didn't answer. The anxiety started to build up in my chest. I was frantic. "Oh God," I thought, "What if they fire me?!" (You already know I am a worst case scenario person, so yes, I went there).

For what felt like an hour, but was actually 5 minutes, I finally got the phone call back from my boss. "Hi" I said
"Yes?" He said inquisitively
"Uh. I. Oh.... mumble mumble mumble." I stuttered like an idiot.
He began to chuckle, "It's okay, my daughters do that all the time."
Can you feel my sigh of relief?!

So that was the last time I ever ended a conversation with "Love you, bye."

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