Bay Area Date Nights under $50

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My boyfriend and I have a weekly standing date night. Through the chaotic work week we dedicate Wednesdays to being with each other.  We find that though this day is in the middle of the week, it's pretty much a sure bet that we will both be available. Often times weekends are full, chaotic, or we're out an exploring. I  know these days and after you are with someone for a while getting dinner and going to the movies doesn't become a "date" it's just something you do. Lately, we've become bored of the usual cooking and watching a movie together and are trying to figure out fun ways to spice up our Wednesday nights and turn them back into "dates". I've been exploring ideas of cute and fun date ideas for a midweek date.

 Exploratorium - Thursday nights from 6-10 you can roam the museum with a drink in hand. Best part about this night is that its adults only! You get to be a kid without being around kids, and sometimes that is a blessing.

California Academy of Sciences - Thursday nights from 6-10, explore the rainforest, check out the albino crocodile. Want to know what it felt like during the 1989 and 1906 earthquake, then come here! Each Thursday has a theme; tickets are only $12 and there are themed signature cocktails available too.

Trivia Night - San Pedro Square Market - Trivia is Monday nights at 7, get there early to grab a seat, drinks and some grub. This is a perfect place for a double, triple or quadruple date too... if you dare. Be sure to brush up on all knowledge, there are 6 rounds of different topics!

J. Lohr - Want to go to Napa but want to skip the 2 hour drive? Head over the J. Lohr for some wine flights. They have cheese and chocolate parings too!

Bowling - Seems like an outdated date night activity but

Sports - Living in the bay area we are fortunate enough to be close to some amazing colleges. Check out your local university for tickets. Support some less popular sports like volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, and rugby. Stanford Athletics Cal Bears USF  SF State St. Marys Santa Clara

Movies - Instead of going to a megaplex, check out your local historic theater. I absolutely love the Grand Lake in Oakland, the marquee is absolutely gorgeous and its just screams art deco! If you have the courage ask to speak to one of the managers and ask if you can see a projection booth. You'll probably have to wait until all the movies start but I am sure they'd love to give you a tour. (P.S. I've never asked but I used to work at a movie theater.) Castro has an amazing theater!

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