Rain Rain, Come this Way

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Well this Wednesday the Bay Area is due for some rain. We're expected to get roughly about 3" of rain with 60 mph winds! I began to think about what I used to do during the rainy days. It took me a while to think of this because; one, California is in a drought and two, I used to live in LA where I think it rained like 7 times all 5 years I lived there. So during the storm of the decade I have stocked up on food, one flashlight and pulled out my multiple candles. I'm a little nervous that the power will go out, but hey, it might be fun! I have my books, candles, and rain boots all laid out for Thursdays rain... now to find that umbrella....

Do you have any rainy day traditions? Staying on the couch all day having a Harry Potter movie marathon, catching up on crafts, snuggling with a favorite book, making hot cocoa, or simply just sleeping? I'm a little bummed I'll be at work that day but maybe this storm will linger until the weekend!

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