Hearst Castle

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The boyfriend and I kicked off the new year with a trip to Hearst Castle. This is our second time visiting the castle together and so far, each visit is better than the next.

The boyfriend, (here on out referred to as C), opted out of our midway cocktail break at Nepenthe  along Big Sur because everyone driving Hwy 1 had the same idea. We decided to grab lunch at the local restaurant adjacent to Hearst Castle. Since the last time we visited, the place changed quite a bit. They took out the funky random candy, sodas, and beer fridge and added a pretty nice mahogany wine bar. I know, I know, doesn't sound too appeasing. At first glance, I felt like Hearst will slap their  name on anything. However, I was completely wrong. We bought a bottle of the Hearst Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, and the only thing I regret, was not buying more bottles!

C & I settled on the kitchen and cottage tour, that also included a trip to the amazing and very secure, wine cellar. Fun fact: there are still full  bottles of wine in there today! However, since this is a government owned property; the Government owns the bottles but the Hearst Family owns the content inside because the Government cannot own alcohol. Pretty neat!

When touring the kitchen, we both were overcome with serious kitchen envy. This place had a rotisserie chicken section, tons of flat tops and gas ranges. I can't forget to mention the hood over their culinary cooking stations. I've never seen a range hood so amazing and huge before!

Along the cottage part, we were weaving in and out of guest bedrooms and bathrooms where in each room was getting better than the next. What I really liked about these cottages is that they have a communal living room, so when you would walk out of your bedroom to sit and chat with some amazing minds like Winston Churchill, Cary Grant, Greta Garbo and many more!

Since it's winter and the sun sets earlier, be sure to take a later tour. After your guided tour, you are allowed to roam around the outside property and check out the pools. Be sure to stick around for the sunset!

Kick off your adventure with some Cab Sauv.

Loving these old bottles.

One of the guest cottages.

  View of Hearst's Property from inside the sitting room of a cottage.

Kitchen Appliances

Julia's "Office Trailer"

Sunset Over San Simeon

Exploring the Grounds and Loving the Light Fixtures

Moon and Sunset over the Mountains and Envious Tennis Court.

The reason why I am so enchanted by Hearst Castle is because my personal hero and favorite Architect Julia Morgan was the mastermind behind this great architectural creation. Growing up in Oakland, being the only women in her school classes and having a passion for architecture is why I've admired her so much. I forgot to mention, she was also a sorority girl!

Start planning your trip!

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