iMessage Takeover

Friday, January 9, 2015

Currently, I'm attempting to detox from my texting addiction. I admitted I had a problem when I tried ending a work e-mails by double tapping the space bar and became confused when a period didn't populate.  Here are some things I plan on doing to minimize the time on my phone.

1. Check my e-mail at a computer - I send e-mails ALL day for my job, but when it comes to personal e-mails I prefer my phone. Sending e-mails through a computer,  not only helps my e-mail etiquette but will allow me to not get "text neck" as I am so worried about posture.

2. Check social media at a computer - Consciously checking social media only at a computer will most likely result in less social media. Sounds a little odd, but I often find myself  reaching for my phone if I have a free minute to see what is going on on Instagram or Facebook and then realize I have been on my phone for 10 minutes. I think I am missing out on a lot by burying my face into my phone any free moment I get when I should really be enjoying the world.

3. Bathroom with no phone - I know this is gross and kind of taboo to talk about but A LOT of people, including myself brings their phone into the bathroom. There are ladies at my office building who sit in the bathroom for 15 minutes (not joking) scrolling on their phone.

4. Don't Text and Drive - Everyone says it, not everyone does it. The PSA for "It Can Wait" is true, things can wait. While the PSA is heavily focused on the safety of yourself and others, it brings up the point that if it was an emergency or something that "can't wait" - freaking call them already! I can chat on the phone while driving and fully have my eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. I pledge to CALL people when driving (I'm looking to you, Siri, for help) instead of texting. I may be hypocritical but I really am going to try and break the habit.

Those were 4 steps to try and stop my phone from becoming an appendage of my body. I'll keep you posted how it goes. Do you have any great ideas or tips I can adopt?


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