Valentines Day Gift: For Her Edition

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1.Your Highness Container from Lulu and Georgia - Very versatile piece, can store little trinkets or turn it into a vase! $90
2. The Juice Vinous Vertias by Jay McInerney - Gifting a book to help broaden her exposure to the great wines, maybe follow the book with a wine tasting class! $14
3. Classic Wine Decanter from William Sonoma - Start exploring your wine palate by playing with wines in this decanter. $70
4.  Mini Railroad Spike by Giles and Brother - I've longed for this bracelet for months, there is something about the balance of masculinity and femininity that catches my eye. $60
5. Two of a Kind, His and Her Highball Glasses by Kate Spade - Ideal for the bar cart! $50
6. Posy Heart Jewelry Dish by Kate Spade  - Perfect for her bedside table or next to her sink! $20
7. Renewing Rose Massage and Body Oil by Aromatherapy Associates  - Help your partner destress with a romantic rose massage. $66
8.  Rose Candle from Henri Bendel - Whenever I am looking to buy reasonably priced candles, I am never satisfied with the scent, it's either too pungent or doesn't smell like the description. This candle smells pretty spot on to a rose and fills the room with a romantic scent. $30
9. Estelle Teddie by Eberjay - Perfect for a romantic night. $88


  1. these are such great pick! loving that wine decanter and the "her royal highness" container is so cool!


    1. I love that container too! Something about the mix of masculine and feminine that is just beautiful!