The Countdown

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My 26th birthday is a month away; to say this year flew by is a gross understatement. Looking back on this year its easy to be discouraged by not meeting my fitness goals or new years resolutions. I need to stop focusing on the negatives and realize the positives. For the first time in my life, I am surround by amazing people. I (knock on wood) have little to no contact with toxic people bringing me down or causing drama in my personal life. I have created a group of friendships that uplift and support me each day. I'm really happy that I have found such amazing friends and that they teach me each and every day to be a better friend, to keep loving and being myself.

To all of my supporters who put up with my antics and whining, you make me truly happy and that is the best gift I could receive... Well that, and an mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robins or anything from Tory Burch. (HINT HINT) :P

Sunday Reflections

Monday, February 9, 2015

{Sundays are for cleaning brushes}

{My 3 favorite recent purchases}

Two Nights in Montauk

Friday, February 6, 2015

I've always wanted to go to the Hampton's; to me, it seems ooze with elegance and glamour - a playground for the rich and famous. When it came time to plan my BFF's bachelorette party (she lives in Hoboken), the Hampton's seemed like an obvious choice for this California girl. Unfortunately, this idea of spending a weekend with the rich and famous really requires you to at least be rich or famous. With the Hampton's out of the question, we began venturing a little North to this quaint little beach town called Montauk. With great reviews from NY transplants, we decided to book our trip.

The drive from Hoboken, through New York City, Times Squares, and the Hamptons (swoon) is one of the most diverse road trips I have ever taken. I found out that The Hampton's are called the Hampton's because there are multiple cities with the word "Hamptons" in it, i.e. Southhampton, East Hampton and Bridgehampton. This is possibly, one of the most romantic and dreamy drives, surrounded by beautiful landscaping, gorgeous homes, small little towns with the chicest shops. Pedestrians dressed in Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren; each looking like they stepped out of a magazine.

Once we arrived in Montauk, we settled into our little hotel which sat across the street from the beach. Even though the sky was slightly overcast, the weather was warm as was the water. This was a little confusing to a Californian who is used to 70 degree beaches with 40 degree waters (I'm exaggerating). While we were pleasantly surprised the lack of people out for dinner on a Friday night, the nights out at the bar did not disappoint. There is generally an older crowd of folks unlike the recently-turned-21 groups that I encounter in SF. The people were extremely nice, but liked to party hard. We were in Montauk the weekend someone spread a rumor around NY that there was a Rose shortage (OH NO!). Needless to say, Rose was being poured every where. I was even a victim in a Rose-water fight, and so say there was a shortage of Rose was a gross understatment. Bartenders at the Surf Lodge were more interested in dancing and throwing drinks on people to serve us drinks, but hey, it was part of the experience.

We hit up bars like Sloppy Tuna - fun but things got sloppy, The Point - a bust but fun with my girls, and Memory Motel - incredibly dive-y/ a shit-hole but try it out (I would only drink the canned beer). Memory Motel was the inspiration for the Rolling Stones song, when they spent time in Montauk.

During the day we played Kubb (the ultimate beach game), lounged on the porch, explored the light house, saw fellas fishing, and ventured around Lake Montauk (not an actual lake).  What is great about Gosmans/Lake Montauk is the fishing community is absolutely thriving there. It's so interesting and fun to see the boats sail in and out, plus the little touristy shops are just adorable. You can't help but peak inside for some tacky magnet (I am a collector!), or a t-shirt.You can't leave Montauk without a lobster roll!

Montauk is an amazing beach town, and I can't wait to visit again. The people are wonderful, the beaches are gorgeous, food is delightful and fully packed with great activities for all ages. Montauk left me wanting more summers here and more trips to light houses.

On our way back to Hoboken, we stopped at this very cute roadside winery and downtown Amagansett. These towns are filled with upstate charm and elegance. You sure won't be disappointed!

 {Tourist Trap at Lake Montauk}

 {Morning Beach Walk}

 {Daily Catch}

 {Secret Fishing Spot around the Lighthouse}

{Lighthouse and the Moon}

 {Sloppy Tuna - perfect name for a abr}

{Obligatory pic of a Lobster Roll}

 {Wine Tasting in the Hamptons - great whites!}

Places to Stay
Oceanside Resort
Surf Lodge

Places to Eat
South Edison
St. Stevens Green
The Coast

The Surf Lodge
Sloppy Tuna
The Point
Navy Beach
Memory Motel

Best Beaches
Ditch Plains
Main Town Beach

Tourist Attractions
Montauk Point Lighthouse
The Village

Have you been to Montauk? Any places you can reccomend?

Topshop Snow Bunny

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm almost a week away from my vacation! I'm starting to think about what to pack. I haven't seen the snow in about 12 years, and the fact that California hasn't had a real winter in a few years; I need to update my closet. Here are my favorite winter wardrobes from Topshop! What are you winter necessities? 


Stop to Smell the Roses

Have you noticed that the prices of flowers spike around Valentines Day? Here are some ideas where you can give her Roses but without the bouquet! She'll be sure to love these amazing indulgences.

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