Seattle, Washington

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I was pretty relieved when I found out that Valentines Day and Presidents day fell on the same weekend. My boyfriend and I took the opportunity to take an extra two days off and get the heck out of dodge! We went on whirlwind vacation to Seattle, Vancouver, and Whistler.Today I'm focusing in on Seattle.

After an early wake up call for my first pilates class, the boyfriend and ventured over to Oakland to catch our flight. Luckily, the flight to Seattle was a quick one. We had a total of two nights in Seattle but those nights were bookends of our trip. We were fortunate enough to stay at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, which has 5 star service and gorgeous decor. Our floor was a beautiful Tiffany's blue, with some of the most beautifully detailed carpets.

When we visits cities, the boyfriend and I tend to avoid planning the touristy things and try and live like a local. Our first stop was to head to a local bar and get the city details from the bartender. This is very challenging for me because I like to plan, plan, plan. Once I finally let go of my comfort zone, I tend to feel a lot less stressed and have more fun. We headed to Sun Liquor, a bar recommended by Anthony Bourdain. Unfortunately, being in the vacation mindset, we didn't realize that the Bar opened at 5... It was 3, so we had to figure out something else to do. We stumbled upon the cutest coffee shop, chatted and ate donuts. We then wandered around Capitol Hill and stumbled upon the Starbucks Reserve.
{starbucks reserve}

This place was crazy cool! The roasters, the tasting tables, the details had me wandering around for 30 minutes! Being the architecture / interior design nut that I am, I was in absolute awe at the beautiful industrial design of the store. The fact that Starbucks had steel handrails covered in this beautiful coffee-ish tan leather had me squeal with excitement.

We moved on from the Reserve and started just walking around Seattle, where we stopped to enjoy a beautiful sunset behind the Space Needle. Luckily, we found another Sun Liquor and indulged in their hand crafted cocktails. Sun Liquor also distills their own rum, gin and vodka, so of course we chose our selection off of that. The people in Seattle are very kind, very hipster-ish but really awesome.
{the famous mai tai w/ distillery equipment in the background}

We of course had to hit up the touristy by beautiful Pike's Place. At night it's a little bit sketchier than  the pictures, but it's not that bad.
{pike's place}

After hopping around to a few different bars, we opted for a less fancy dinner and decided to grab appetizers and another drink at this little bar we walked passed call Bookstore Bar & Cafe.We ordered the house-made fettuccine and it was to die for. I would seriously fly back to Seattle just to have this dish. It IS that good. This bar is really intimate and kind of romantic. The drinks are hand crafted and really delicious. Lat

For breakfast we stopped at Toulouse Petit. This NOLA inspired breakfast bistro is rightfully claimed one of the best brunch spots in the USA. They have something here for everyone. He had a eggs benny and I had a scrambled hash. This is a meal I would come back for, but be sure to visit during the week. It gets pretty packed!


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