Topics to Avoid at Work

Monday, May 18, 2015

I think we have all had awkward conversations at work with a coworker. Moments when you wish you could walk away but don't want to come off as rude. Here are topics you should always avoid when talking with coworkers.

1. Wages - Don't ask people how much they make or how much they pay for rent. It's always awkward and will make you and the other person feel uncomfortable. This could potentially backlash on you, it could create a toxic work environment knowing someone makes more than you.

2. Personal Life - Don't sh!t where you eat. Keep personal things at home. Might be hard at first but if you wouldn't call and tell them on a Saturday afternoon, don't tell them at work.

3. Don't speak ill of coworkers - Someone frustrating you? Vent to a friend or someone who is removed from your work life. Feel the need to say something at work, handle it diplomatically. Contact HR, has a superior how to handle a tough situation. Go looking for resolutions instead of getting that person in trouble.

4. BBBB - In my sorority days we had the 4 B's that we did not discuss, this stood for Bible, Barack/Bush, Booze and Boys. We highly discouraged speaking about religion, politics, alcohol and boys so we can get to know who the girl was without preconceived notions of their background. Keeping conversations clear of the 4 B's creates a fail safe conversation and makes everyone feel at ease. There will be times when someone brings up a topic that just infuriates you to the point wehre you think it requires a response. Do your best to keep your composure and just let it go. You don't need to be right or prove yourself to a co-worker. Let them dig their own grave, hold true to your values by not sinking down to their level.

What other topics do you think you should avoid at work?


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