National Coffee Day

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy National Coffee Day!
I wanted to share my favorite coffee shops around the Bay Area

Philz Coffee
Mint Mojito might be my favorite dessert coffee drink on the planet. Philz used to only be located in the city, where parking was extremely limited. Now, these little coffee shops are popping up everywhere. You order with a barista, pay for your drink, and wait for your hand crafted drink to be made. What I love about this place the most, is that they always want o ensure that your coffee is made to your liking. When you order, they ask for the basics, cream, sugar etc and the level of sweetness. After the drink is made, they ask you to taste it and will remake it if it is not up to your standards. Talk about customer service!

Blue Bottle
Another Bay Area coffee shop that is easy to spot with its extremely long line. The beans can often be found in stores with strict guidelines that they must be sold within a month. After that, the beans are not up to Blue Bottles standard. Much like Philz, Blue Bottle has a cult following. Adorned with extremely expensive Italian espresso machines. In fact, you can buy them at the coffee shop, and even get them repaired! My favorite Blue Bottle is located near Oakland Tech High School, in an old building called W.C. Morse. This building couldn't be more Oakland and perfect for Blue Bottle, because there is no obnoxious Blue Bottle sign. You should really check out this location!

Cole's Coffee
Oh Cole's. This is my Dads favorite coffee place in the world. To someone who is not a coffee snob (a vanilla latte will do me just fine), this place smells like real coffee. My dad often gets this Ethiopian coffee bean, that is ground moments before its percolated. Honestly, it smells like tar, but my dad says that's how real coffee smells. Cole's brings an extremely diverse crowd to the Oakland/Berkeley boarder.

I know Peet's is pretty much a chain, but did you know the original coffee shop was in Berkeley? With all of these popular coffee shops opening up around the Bay Area, are we able to steal the title of best coffee from Seattle? One of my favorite things about Peet's is that

Originally from Santa Cruz, Verve is making it's way all the way to SF and LA. Verve makes their own sweetener, and has a very beachy vibe. There aren't that many options but it sure is delicious.

Whats your favorite coffee place?

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